Cannot assign multiple outputs on GA SE4

I have Groove Agent SE4. I want to assign output channels to certain pads (i.e. for the kick, one for the snare etc). I know you can do this in Groove Agent 4, while in Beat Agent, by simply right clicking on an instrument pad and choosing “assign output”. However, in my GA SE4, right clicking does not bring up that option (it is not included in the menu). Is this due to the fact that it is the SE version?

I also now that GA SE4 is supposed to come bundled with Acoustic agent which as a slightly different approach as it has a more complex mixer section. The issue here is that for some reason my GA SE4 does not have the Acoustic agent in it - no idea why.


Did you activate the GE SE’s outputs in Cubase’s right zone VST tab? Once activated, a right mouse click on a pad will allow you to assign the pad’s output channel to one of the outputs that you activated.

The acoustic agent is only in full GA, and is not in SE.

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