Cannot backup project "Error during file copy..."

Hi There,
has anybody experienced this issue.
I am trying to backup a project into a new folder. I see some files getting copied but at one point the operation stops say " Error during file copy! The operation must be canceled!"

I am using Cubase 6.5.4 64. Win7 64.

Thanks a lot

I’ve been having the exact same problem and had posted a while back about it. Someone made mention for me to check if I had any overlapping micro-edited parts and remove the overlaps manually. I haven’t gone back into the session to verify if that fixes the issue or not but give it a shot and report back with your findings. Cheers!

I have this problem too !!

I will check for small audio clips

I am also getting this message when I want to backup my projects. What to do?

I had this problem the other day. I was able to back up other projects, but not this particular one.

In the end it turned out to be a corrupted WAV file in the “audio” subfolder of the project.

You could try doing “remove unused media” in the pool and then emptying the trash before doing the backup. That way, if the corrupt file is not referenced in the project, it will be removed from the pool and a subsequent “backup” will therefore not try to copy it. This could potentially save you from trying to hunt down the corrupt file…