Cannot backup project - " Error during file copy!..."

Cannot backup project. I get the message: " Error during file copy! The operation must be canceled!."

Cubase 7.02 Win7 64

Please help me resolve this issue. Thank you.

After a quick search, it appears to be an issue when there are corrupt audio files or something.

Really stupendously annoying when trying to back up a project.

Hi Pitchline,

there is a known issue which could be related:

If you copy/load a project from another computer, sometimes some audio files are not connected correctly in the pool. This can also lead to failing backup.
(This issue will be fixed most probably in 7.0.3)

Has your project been created on another computer? Do you see some “X” in the pool?

Best regards,

Yes there are some “X” in the pool.

So, it’s a known issue, I will wait (impatiently) for 7.0.3.

Thank you