Cannot backup project - ” Error during file copy!…”

Anyone experienced this error when attempting back-up in Cubase 11 Pro? … [Cannot backup project - ” Error during file copy!..”] … I have checked the media pool and the audio file paths are the same? It only happens on one specific project, all other projects are fine when backing up?


Make sure, you have write permission to the folder (and all parent folders), where you want write the backup file, please.

Thanks Martin ill try that now and get back!

Yea checked the permissions on the parent and sub folders which show write enabled?


What folder is it? Could you try to create a new folder as an subfolder of your current project folder and save the backup into this folder, please?

Thanks Martin, I try this and update

Hi Martin, Yea creating another folder outside the problem folder worked, I have now successfully backed up my project, duno maybe the permissions were corrupted on the original back up folder?.
Many thanks for your help.