Cannot block plugins from loading


I’m trying to block plugins from loading when starting Dorico. I have a number of plugins installed on my laptop. Plugins that require iLok to work. Those plugins is only used when mixing audio, never when using Dorico.

Every time I start Dorico the plugins are loaded and iLok window popping up asking validate the plugins. I’ve blocket every single one of my plugins in Doricos preferences without any success. How do I solve this?

It’s most annoying and it also makes starting Dorico take forever.


Are they VST2 or VST3 plug-ins?

They are VST3

Then I guess you are out of luck. VST2 plugs can be anywhere on your harddrive but you have to tell the program where actually to look for them. VST3 is different, the locations are predefined where they have to reside. Therefore the program exactly knows where to look for plugs to find them. But that also means, you can’t hide them away. With the VST2s you simply remove the search path and they vanish, so to speak. You could rename the VST3 folders, but then all VST3s will vanish, probably not what you want.

In Windows they live in Program Files/Common Files/VST3. I just tried renaming the folder as Ulf suggested, starting Dorico, then changing the name back after Dorico fully initialized and appears that none of my VST3 plug-ins loaded. This would be annoying to do every time, but perhaps less annoying than waiting for all the iLok windows. Of course if you want some VST3s to load, just not all, this isn’t very helpful.

You could write a script or batch file that moves the VSTs somewhere, runs Dorico, and then moves them back again.

That could work for a selection of your VST3s as well as for all of them.

Actually it might be safer to keep a “permanent” copy of all the VST3s in another directory so if something goes wrong the script doesn’t trash them and you have to reinstall them. Then just delete them before running Dorico and copy them back afterwards.