Cannot buy after verification?

Hello there,

I am trying to purchase Dorico with the education + crossgrade discount. I lodged a verification request (school ID + crossgrade proof) a few days ago which was subsequently accepted soon after, however I received no solid instructions in the email as to how to proceed from there. The email I got when my verification was accepted said very vaguely that I should “use the following login credentials to complete my purchase or place another order”, however I cannot find the link or page where I can do that. If I return back to the shop and attempt to go through with the purchase again, it seems to not recognise my verification and forces me to submit my proof again.

Any ideas?


Welcome to the forum, andyo41. I’m sorry you’re having problems completing your purchase. The email you received should have had a link “Continue Shopping” that allows you to go back to the online shop to complete your purchase. Sometimes this goes wrong if you start the purchase on one computer and then complete it on another, e.g. you start on your phone and finish on your computer or vice versa, or if your IP address changes significantly between starting and completing the purchase. If you can’t finish the purchase, please raise a ticket with the AskNet/Nexway support team here – click the “Submit new ticket” link at the top of the page.