Cannot Clear Insert Rack in Docked MixConsole

Hi All

Has anyone noticed that you cannot clear the insert effects rack on a track in the docked MixConsole? It works with a Backspace keystroke and from the context menu in the floating window (the normal one toggled with F3), but not in the new MixConsole that appears at the bottom of the project view. The context menu displays the “Clear” option with its shortcut key, but clicking it does nothing: the effects still remain in the selected track’s insert slots.

I’m using Cubase 9.0.0 on OSX 10.11.6. I’m downloading the latest patch, but it’s not mentioned in the release notes.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?


9.0.1 was available on release day so you should definitely update …but this is not related to this issue as I can confirm this particular behaviour in .01 too (and on Windows in my case)

Thanks Grim. I can confirm that this behaviour exists in the 9.0.1 patch for Mac too.

Edit: Is there a procedure for raising bug fixes available in the forums. Sorry, I’m more of a casual lurker rather than an active user!

Yes, go to the Issues sub-forum and read the sticky there for instructions.