Cannot Close Channel Settings - Have to click EQ first

This has been an issue on multiple PCs (Windows 10) since Cubase 9.5 (moved to Ableton a few years ago, now giving Cubase another try).

ISSUE: When I click the ‘X’ to close channel settings, nothing happens. I must click somewhere within the window, then click the ‘X’.

It wears on me…

that would wear on me, too - but I don’t recall ever having that issue on my Cubase on Win10 setup.

Does it also happen if you start with an empty project with only a single track and no plugins loaded?
Do you maybe have a screen capture you could post?

Thanks for the reply!

The issue does occur in a totally blank project with only one audio track and no plugins. I should say the channel window closes as expected sometimes. It’s every 3rd time or so I have to click the elsewhere in the window before the “X” works to close it.

If I had to guess, it’s a problem with window scaling. I have a 4k TV and a 1080P monitor. I run the mixing window on the 1080P and project window on the 4k. When I do juggle plugins between the monitors, scaling is definitely gitchy. I do not run into this problem in Ableton, so Cubase must handle window scaling uniquely.

I’m going to use it a fair amount today, so will update with any more consistencies I notice as well as a screenshot.

NOTE: I’m running an Nvidia 2xxx have tried a handful of graphics drivers (via Windows Update and last 3 revisions via Nvidia.

I’m running a relatively similar setup to yours: 4k TV as first monitor and a 1440p monitor as the second one. And both are driven by an Nvidia 2060. However, both screens are running at native resolution, so that might be a difference.

As a work-around, have you tried making a key command (beware there are two different one’s called “Edit Channel Settings” - it seems to work for me with the one under the Edit Menu.

And if you’re using an external midi controller, that might give you another way of doing that via a button on your controller. Here’s how I have it configured for my Maschine controller:

Excellent, thanks! That is a good workaround.

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