Cannot connect from iPhone Studio Pass to desktop VST connect performer. Anyone know why?


Can anyone help me see if I can get this to work.

I’m on a MacBook Pro 16 2019 2.9 32 GBs Cubase 10.5 latest

I have installed the latest version of the desktop and iOS app.

iOS Studio Pass
(it says this number when you open the app and click on the steinberg logo, yet it says 4.0.44 in the App Store, so I don’t know which is correct)

Desktop app is VSt performer 30 day trial - and I downloaded a couple of days ago.

I want to connect cubase pro to my iPhone x to stream my songs through to the app live for reference mixing.

When I connect to the desktop with my steinberg login, I assume I need a second Steinberg account to connect from my iPhone, because you cannot log into the same account twice. I created one but when i try and login from my iPhone nothing happens when you press connect. it remains as not connected.


When I try and connect via ID on the desktop- it does not generate a key for me. The key area remains empty no matter what button I press top right of screen.

Any one know what’s going on?

I’m a bit confused by this (!)

What do you mean by “desktop app is vst performer 30 day trial” ? Do you mean you have installed a VST connect pro licence on your licenser ?

On your Cubase/mac you need to use the VST connect plugins

Studio pass basically takes the place of the performer app.

Set up a VST connect session as per the guide then generate the code as per this very useful guide from steve

you might not have pressed the (not very clearly labelled!) login button ? You also need to put in a (random) name


That’s a bug. The latest Studio Pass is You can see the version number if you start the app.

The dr. is correct. Studio Pass can only connect to the Cubase / VST Connect Pro Plug.

Yes, you can do that.

Pleas read the suggestions from the dr.

See you,

Right so like I said - again - none of that works.

I had already read through all the documentation, the threads, the videos. They are not working for me.

See attached screen shots.

Where is the key when I type in a name ?

Where s the LAN button , since my phone is on the same network?

Why can I not just sign in with my steinberg account without all this key stuff anyway? (I can sign in t the performer app, but then signing in via the iPhone does not work no matter what I try.

“None of that works” - again - just dial it down a bit please. Help us to help you (or not !)

the key is “79588 17026” in the .png

Also don’t try to be to clever with the name - the “TM” symbol may or may not be supported - keep it simple.

I haven’t tried studio pass over LAN but give it a try over 3G/4G/5G first.

The key does not work - I tried it - regenerated many different times - none work. I get a connection error - ‘studio key with xyzzy number is not logged in’ yet IT IS logged in.

(Also does not make sense how the key is in a box named ‘Name’ - this does not look like how it is show in videos,

When I try with 4G I get another correction error on the desktop first saying

Somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version.


sorry connecting failed: no reply try later

(The TM I have no idea where that came from. I don’t even think it’s possible to generate that from. regular keyboard

I did say at the very beginning that I had tried every single one of the steps already mentioned here and elsewhere.

to help debug the issue, do you have laptop or other computer to take the iphone out of problem ?

I have an iPad, other than the laptop i have been using as the primary studio workstation.
The thing is the whole point is I want to reference mixes via iPhone speakers as opposed to iPad or anything else.
Hopefully the developer will chime in and explain those errors.

I understand what you are trying to do - I’m just trying to simplify the setup so that you can see where the problem is…

“Somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version.” Yes, exactly so. Make sure to use the latest versions, see
To get an ID number with the plugin, do not log in but click the ID button. Make sure Performer also does not log in and types this exactly as provided, including space between the two numbers. Also note that you need to get a new ID if you tried to connect otherwise.
Nothing of this will work if both devices are connected to the same local area network (LAN). In that case, use iOs Performer (iPad) instead which will light that blue LAN button when it detects the computer running Cubase/Nuendo with VST Connect started. Studio Pass does not provide that functionality.

I am using the latest versions - I have said that every single time.

It does NOT work.

I have tried with 4G - with wifi - with password - with ID key - nothing works.

I don’t want to use an iPad. I want to use an iPhone.

Thank God I did not spend 128 pounds on this thing.

It is unintuitive and I have wasted hour and hours, with people here trying to make out it was my fault, and I was the stupid one.

It should be explained on the website that it WILL NOT WORK with iPhones - how is it steinberg can let people buy this for 128 pounds when it does not work. Just simply say only works with iPad (if it does) - and explain the limitations. And certainly to those others on this thread giving out the wrong advice to people - don’t be so dismissive next time.

nobody is being dismissive - on the contrary people are trying to help. And nobody is saying your stupid or making out it is your fault !!! (although your ranting is getting pretty boring)

other people (including myself) have this working so YOU need to find out what is different in your setup compared to others…

Musicullum has already said that this won’t work over the LAN with Studio Pass - so no point in trying that.
I’ve suggested that you you try another device as the ‘client’ to see if that works - then we can see if the studio side is working ok.

If you just want keep repeating the same ranting posts then go ahead but it’s not going to get you up and running.

So when you say you can get it to work - you mean to an iPhone ?
When you say LAN - you mean wifi ?

LAN means “local area network” - in your case that almost certainly means wifi - but I’m guessing as you provide no information.

The 3G/4G/5G (non-LAN) connection is what you are going to need to use.

The error you get then is “Somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version” - which (as Musicullum says) implies that you have a version mismatch somewhere. So you need to double/triple check the version numbers of the software. Check the version number inside the plugin don’t just assume it’s correct - might be something wrong with your installation.

I’m suggesting you get hold of another laptop to try it with the full version of VST connect performer - if that works then at least we know that the studio side is ok. You could also use the IOS version of VST connect performer but that’s a paid for app in the apple appstore so you might not want to do that just to test.

So i have the latest full connect VST pro installed.

This version says 4.0.44.

when I check on the steinberg logo on the plugin though it says So I don’t know which one it is exactly, but it is the newest download dated June 5 2020.

The iOS version I have is the newest latest install.

I’m not sure what you mean by saying i may not want pay to download it, as I obviously already have it, since that is what I have been saying ive been having issues with all along. Or are we talking about a different iOS app? I searched the app store and saw nothing else other than an iPad version.

I won’t be able to get hold of another laptop, so that’s a no go there.

and that’s your problem right there :slight_smile:

re download and install

I suspect you installed VST Performer app on your studio pc and not the VST Connect

Yea i have the VST performer app because according to the steinberg documentation this is the one you need to allow for a LAN connection.

if you are using the iphone you don’t need the performer app.

There are two parts to vst connect. The studio side and the performer side. You want to use an iphone as the performer.

Did you install VST Connect PRO/SE from that web page like I suggested ?

if he wants to connect locally that doesn’t work with Studio Pass.

yes - you pointed that out earlier :slight_smile: (and I mentioned it again later)

problem is that they are running older version of VST connect plug - hence can’t get it connected even over WAN. It’s not gonna work until they update their Cubase computer to the latest version…but it’s hard to get that message through :slight_smile: