Cannot connect from iPhone Studio Pass to desktop VST connect performer. Anyone know why?


I have this downloaded. I told you that in the very first post, and subsequent ones after.

Yes from the very beginning I had it installed.

So what do I need to make it work on the phone side if not Studio Pass - there is no other steinberg app that I can see there or that anyone has mentioned ?

no this is not the problem as I am running the latest. Reread my posts properly.

As the developer of this app, I don’t think responding in this thread with a smilie emoji is very professional.

There are scores of people who are finding this completely confusing and below par. That must ring some kind of alarm bell in terms of usability surely.

But so long as you find Steinberg paying customers an amusement, then that’s all that counts right?

There is no such app for the iPhone that connects to the VST Connect plugin in a Local Area Network.

Ok this is all incredibly unintuitive. it would be helpful if someone at steinberg made a video showing how quick, easy and simple it is to connect from the desktop app to the iPhone app, if that indeed is the purported case.

It is, but not with a local connection.

I have read your posts but when you click on the Steinberg logo in the plugin is shows you are running the older version …

But it does work with 4G then others are saying? Could you make a quick video to show this please ?

Thats a mistake on the developers labelling of the app then as I have downloaded the latest version at the top of the page.

The installers contain 2 (two) different products, a) the Performer desktop app and b) the plugin set for Cubase or Nuendo. Thus, the latter replaces the versions that were installed with Cubase.
Only the PRO version of the plugin allows for local connection with the Performer app (either desktop or iPad). No local connection is possible with Studio Pass.
A local connection is one using the same network. An example of a non-local connection would be if one device is connected to the internet via WLAN (WiFi) and the other via 5G. So if your Cubase VST Connect is connected to your home network, you might switch off WiFi on your iPhone so that it connects to 5G (or any other such network) and run Studio Pass there. Unless you have a flatrate with your phone network provider, this will introduce cost or eat your quota though.
Does that answer your questions?

Ignoring your rather unpleasant reply - the bug is in the display of the version number of Studio Pass NOT VST connect PRO

if your VST connect PRO version says:


then you are using the OLD version of the VST connect pro plugin - not the latest 4.0.44

but I’m tired of saying the same thing

I’ve not used the Studio Pass app before but after reading this thread, decided to give it a go. I’m on the latest version of VST Connect Pro. It’s not supposed to work on LAN according to the info, so connected via a 4G connection using the key method. Took about 5 mins to go through the options and connect. Works as expected.