Cannot Connect to CoreMIDI - after Dorico 5.020 upgrade

All was working fine until I upgraded to Dorico 5.020. Now it says it cannot connect to CoreMIDI and I should restart. However, this does not fix the problem. And I cannot open up any other MIDI software either such as MIDI Monitor.

I removed the MIDI Driver for my Yamaha S90ES from SysLib> Audio> MIDI Drivers

MacPro 8-core 2013, 64G RAM
Mac OS 12.6.2

What can I do?

After removing the MIDI Driver for my Yamaha S90ES from SysLib> Audio> MIDI Drivers and restarting, MIDI Monitor is now working again and I can open up Audio MIDI Setup. Hopefully, Dorico will now open up…

Yay! It’s working again. But why? What happened? Why so much grief during this upgrade?

Anywho, I’ll leave this up in case its of help to anyone else. I saw a similar incident with someone upgrading Steinberg Nuendo software so it could be related to the Steinberg upgrade process possibly? Or just a coincidence? (I sent reports in upon the startup prompt)

Dorico always keeps the logs of the last 10 runs, so it makes sense to already post a diagnostics report (Help > Create Diagnostics Report). Thanks

Hi Ulf, It says its too large to upload, so here it is on my server:

I hope that helps figure out the cause. I’m back up and running so I’m fine but it was very annoying and I could see how it might keep someone down for quite some time if they didn’t find a fix.


Thanks for the data. Unfortunately I can’t find anything related to CoreMIDI failure in the logs or elsewhere.

And then there are 3 crash files of Dorico itself, not of the audio engine. It happens always after loading a project file. @dspreadbury may takes a look (TST-1940)

Thanks again for your collaboration,