"Cannot convert this type of file!"

With Cubase 5, I would occasionally have a problem where when I would try to drag & drop some audio from Basehead (sound effect librarian) into the timeline within Cubase, nothing would happen, when most of the time it would just work, converting and copying the file to my audio folder as prescribed. Sometimes I could get around it by selecting the entire file in Basehead rather than a section. Bit of a pain, but not a big deal.

However this has become a bigger and more common problem since moving to Cubase 6. I select a wav in basehead, drag and drop it into the timeline, tell it to convert from 44.1 to the project’s 48 … and I get a prompt saying “Cannot convert this type of file!”. If I tell it not to convert the file, nothing happens at all. My previous workaround of selecting the entire wav also no longer works.

If rather than dragging and dropping the audio into the timeline, I save the audio out to a separate wav file, then try to import that file into Cubase … I get the same problem.

Seriously stuck now - need help!

File is 16 bit, 44.1kHz Broadcast WAV. Other files of the same type work fine.

(asking same question to Basehead Inc)

Cause found.

Filename was too long. Setting basehead to limit filename length (was set at staggering 320 characters!) to 32 and all import fine.

Wasn’t this something Steinberg were going to look at back in Seq3?