Cannot copy Flow headings tokens

Hi, I have a few tokens and text within a projects Flow Heading that I’d like to copy to another project.
I’m not able to copy this unfortunately - why is that? The option for copy is greyed out under Edit, and Dorico doesn’t respond to Command C either!

Are you selecting the text frame inside the flow heading, or the text itself inside the frame? You should be able to select text and copy that, but you can’t copy frames. The formatting will be lost when you paste it though, so you’ll need to reapply paragraph styles, bold/italic styles etc.

Thanks Lillie, I’m selecting the text inside the frame. Not sure why it’s not working for me.


I’m on Windows but I think this has been the true for a while. There is no copy/paste command from the context menu because it refers to the text box itself, and the Edit commands for copy/paste are disabled too, probably for the same reason. Ctl-C/Ctl-V do work. I don’t know the equivalents on Mac.

I can select and copy the contents of text frames on Mac. Something sounds awfully fishy to me. It should work.