Cannot create empty project or open new project

solved - I changed the projects file location without changing it in Cubase. I put it back and it seems ok -so far
How do I get out of this mess?
I moved my project cpr files to the windows “music” location and now I cannot create empty projects or open any project from either Cubase or from file explorer. Cubase does not display cpr files now, but file explorer does display them but can’t open them.
I also changed my “open with” to open Cubase cpr files with Cubase 12 exe but I think I shouldn’t have done this as every time I try to open a project cpr file, windows starts to install Cubase.

Why not? What happens when you try to open a project via File > Open for example?

That sounds like you mistakenly picked the installation file instead of the application file. Did you try to change it again and selecting the .exe file in the Program Files/… folder?

When I try to open a cpr file in Cubase, Cubase takes me to the new location (“music”) in the file system, but no cpr files are on display.
Can you tell me where I can find the “application” file please so I can correct my mistake?

By default, Cubase installs in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase xx
assuming C:\ is your system drive.
This is the default path but you can change that when installing the application, so I can’t say where your installation went.

Can you post a screenshot showing the file dialog that pops up after your click File > Open?

I just discovered that I had moved the destination file from User, Documents, Cubase Projects to “music”. When I moved it back Cubase can now find them. But I don’t seem to have a problem so far after I changed the default cpr extension to cubase.exe. The files I have found open normally. I havent checked the others. I dont know why Cubase stores its files in an obscure place in steinberg where you have to open lots of file paths just to get to them. I’ve never understood Cubase file saving, it seems fickle and too clever, and have spent literally days in the past trying to figure it out with youtubbe video’s to no avail. I am not going to make the attempt again as I believe there is no information source showing how to do it that can be picked up by an average joe…
I’ll have to live with my anger about Cubase file saving as it has *** me up in the past and continues to do so.

Nothing wrong with Cubase file saving :
You make a folder , point the save to the folder JOB DONE
What you really need to get your head around is you can’t just move things about ,you have too CONSOLIDATE files , if you have used a Vsti where will the program know where to look if you have moved the file or haven’t consolidated the samples from the media bay to the project .
You need to BACK UP projects if you wish to move them ,if you don’t then you end up in the mess you are in . It’s been like this since the dawn of time . If you follow the correct steps ALL project attributes are contained in the project folder , if they are not , then that’s your mistake