Cannot Create Key Command to open Preferences?

As a newbie to Cubase, I find this pretty illogical that i can’t seem to assign a key command to simply open the preferences page- which is one of the most visited pages for me at the moment.

Has anybody set up their own macro command to achieve this? I’m sure you’re gonna say it’s a piece of cake to do, but like i said, it seems odd to me i simply can’t do this with the key command function.


go to the key commands window, select on the left hand side the folder “File” and there you will find “Preferences”.


Brilliant. Thank-you, just what i was after.

I assumed simply tying in ‘preferences’ in the key commands window would have taken me to the right place, really wouldn’t have worked out to type “file” first- but now i understand the logic as preferences is under the “file” main tab in the project window.

The first hit for the a search of the word preferences is indeed the one you wanted.

The ‘gotcha’ was that the search starts from the selected item in the dialog, and that item will be the last-used key command (except for the key command to open the dialog).

So if you don’t want to wait as you hit search repeatedly and loop back to the top, you need to select the topmost item in the list, and then do your search.