Cannot Create Markers At Hot Points because option is greyed out

SSIA. I cannot click on “Create Markers at Hot Points” in the Global Analysis window because the option is greyed out. I have an open .wav file, 2 tracks, nothing at all weird about it.

There’s just no way to click on that option. Any ideas? Thanks.

It doesn’t look like you’ve analyzed anything yet, because there are no loudness readings displayed. Once you press Analyze and have some readings, you can then select a value and the Hot Points option should be selectable. See attached.

Yup, that’s it. Thanks. And to be very explicit for anyone else reading this, it’s not enough to run an analysis: the “create markers” option remains greyed out until you select one of the elements, as shown in your picture.

I have to say that this is really un-intuitive to me. Maybe the help widget’s text could be improved by starting with “Select an element from the top panel and then click this to create temporary markers…”

or use arrow? at the down left and hover over
results everywhere in dialog(s) and read the popup(s)
many dialog(s) works this way in WaveLab.

regards S-EH