Cannot customize colors for tracks and events anymore

Hi all,

I updated to the latest version of Cubase. And suddenly I cannot add new colors for tracks and events. I do have my old colors left but there is no button “add color” or something like that like it was before.
Help please.

I have the same issue. tried everything and nothing works for this.

Wierd, Tripple checked preferences (and I am not that kind of guy who does that) but nothing. Please I need to add more colors so my projects at least look cool :slight_smile:

Those functions are available in Project/Project Colors Setup…

Actually, the “customize” color function is not available in Project/Project Colors Setup - at least not for me. There are 3 tabs that appear - Color Sets, Presets, and Options. The option to append new custom colors is not in any of those tabs. Simply put, we no longer have the option to add custom colors.

8:15 min.

Thank you very much for this, I never would have found it