Cannot Delete a Keyboard Shortcut

Very interesting…
I was wanting to change a Keyboard Shortcut. I ‘added’ a Key sequence to a Command Name.
I found out that that was the wrong thing to do since I added it in the 2nd keystroke field which had an entirely different purpose.
That Key sequence I wanted was already being used.
I changed it everything back to how it was before.
So, then I decided I would delete the Original shortcut so it would make my key sequence available and I’d be able to re-use it on the the one I wanted.
The problem is that now the Key Sequence on the original is greyed out and I can’t change or delete it. I can’t find anyway to restore it, or to delete it.
Any suggestions?

SO I JUST FIGURED OUT that the key sequence I was trying to re-assign is a Hard-Wired command.
I guess that means it’s untouchable !! :slight_smile:

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