Cannot delete ending bar!

Hello fellow Dorico lovers!

I’m having a heck of a time deleting a final, empty bar in a flow. It simply will not go away! :cry: (See screenshots)

Any ideas? Anyone?


Does ‘Trim Flow’ do the job? (Write menu).

Is there anything else at this position in another Layout, possible in Full Score (your screenshot looks like it shows a custom score layout).

If that fails, try to delete the hairpin, maybe it actually reaches into the last bar logically, but only draws up to the last note in the previous bar (although I thought I addressed those issues for 1.1).

Oh, and welcome to the Dorico forum!

I had a hairpin extend past it’s logical bar in 1.1 (XML import from Brand X) and came up against the same thing as the OP. Resetting the hairpins correctly so none intruded into the last bar (in terms of attachment point) followed by Trim Flow solved it for me.

Looking at the image, I would definitely try Trim Flow (in the write menu) after checking my hairpins.

Watch out for the tip of the hairpin attached to the last bar even if the hairpin doesn’t look like it goes into the last bar like in this image:

Thank you StefanF and Traubitz for your insights and fast response! I had already pulled the end of the hairpin, but had no knowledge of the Trim Flow feature; once I used that, it deleted the ending empty bar. Cheers to you!