Cannot delete while in record loop

The fact that you cannot delete while in record loop is a really annoying. I miss it , old cubase was so fast to get ideas out because it was just a b key to undo while in record.

I’m not entirely sure if you mean this but:

What i mean is, say i am recording midi in a loop, if i dont like what i hear, on old cubase like 2.8 and before, you could hit the b key on the pc or atari keyboard and it would erase everything you recorded, and you could record again with out doing anything. now you have to stop recording hit delete then start recording again. it was better the old way and was less steps… Tons of hardware sequencers do this, and the fact this was taken out, is really a shame… I miss it so much, in fact there are hardware sequencers that like you delete certain keys played by holding a shift and the key you want deleted while i loop mode… this is so cool too… cubase has almost everything but this.

no, you don’t.

Did you read the post I linked, or try the feature I described there?

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As steve said you can use Re-record mode
If you want to delete what you recorded “While recording”
Don’t press stop button / shortcut…
just press the record button or shortcut… Now Cubase will delete the last recorded part and Re-recording again automatically


Yes, and it’s actually less clicks, or key presses. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes :slight_smile:

um yeah, its not like the the b key, and it hiccups when you hit the record button, its not seamless like it used to be, but this is workable. i just wish it was fluid like it was before, but hey it does what you say. Just not the same exactly… Thanks tho, it will help me but, the hiccup gets me out of the groove… and that kinda ruins it.

Unfortunately theres not much we can do about this, but you could support this FR by voting for it. Its basically a feature request to remove hiccups during playback/recording: Proper audio engine: Gapless Audio! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thank you… I appreciate this knowledge :slight_smile: