Cannot download Cubase 8.5 or contact support

I recently got a new Macbook Pro and decided to upgrade Cubase 7.5 to 8.5 before downloading and installing.

I purchased the upgrade, however, for 2 weeks I’ve been trying to download the installation file (10 gigs) unsuccessfully. Around the 2 gig mark the download says “the network connection is lost” and I can’t resume. Tried different browsers, tried a download manager, same problem.

I then tried downloading the 7.5 installation (a 6 gig file) and that downloaded without a hitch. So the issue is definitely not with my connection because I can download other large files with no problems. I’ve literally tried downloading the 8.5 file dozens of times over the last 2 weeks.

To make matters worse, I cannot contact support! I’m registered at MySteinberg, I registered the eLicensor and Cubase, filled out all my info, but the so called “contact form” does not appear anywhere and I just end up going around in circles on the website. It’s driving me insane.
I’ve relocated to the US recently and cannot change my country in the info, can’t find a phone number or email address anywhere.

Someone please help me because I am at my wits’ end here.


I too am unable to download Cubase Pro 8.5. It just stops downloading. Did you get the issue resolved?

I contacted an admin and received a link that worked.
I’ll PM you the link.