Cannot download Cubase Pro 8.5 or contact support


I tried posting this yesterday on the “issues” forum but it hasn’t been approved. Hopefully this is the right sub-forum for my problem.

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded Cubase 7.5 to Pro 8.5. Since then I have tried downloading the installation file (10 GB) dozens of times unsuccessfully, I’ve tried multiple browsers, different computers and a download manager but no matter what I do the download “looses connection” at around 2 GB and cannot be resumed.

I then tried to download the 7.5 file instead (around 6 GB) and that worked fine, so I don’t believe the issue is with my connection. I have downloaded other large files without a problem.

To make matters worse, I cannot contact Steinberg support. I relocated from Israel to the US not long ago but I cannot change my country on my Steinberg account, and the “request support” form does not appear on my account.

Please help, I am at my wits’ end here.


Anyone, please?
Basically I spent $150 on an update, I can’t download it and cannot contact anyone for help or a refund. Honestly I never expected to be in this situation, very disappointed. It should NOT be so difficult (or impossible) to contact Steinberg support!

Bumping yet again, I wonder how much longer this post will be ignored?

Gil, apparently Steinberg doesn’t offer support to us, they say we should contact Halilit, which I find absurd since I BOUGHT IT FROM THEIR ONLINE STORE and I shouldn’t have to contact a local dealer when my Cubase crash!

Sorry Gil, got a little side tracked there :slight_smile: