Cannot download installer for mac- help please!

Hi Guys

I just purchased Dorico 3.5 and it arrived yesterday. I have signed up to my steinberg etc, and successfully redeemed my download access code after putting in the licensing details. The snag is, when I click on the ‘download for Mac Os’ button- nothing happens!

Any help re troubleshooting gratefully received !



Hi Ed,
welcome to the forum. You could try instead via this page: Dorico 3.5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg
Please also note the remark regarding the Steinberg Download Assistant at the top of that page.

thank you Ulf,

I have successfully downloaded the ‘dorico pro 3.5 update installer 296 MB’- is it now just a question of trying again?



An update installer will only update an existing full installation.

Hi there,

Thanks for your prompt responses. I think I am getting somewhere. I have downloaded the update installer, the application installer and the Steinberg Download Assistant. I opened the download assistant and put in my download access code. I then successfully entered my activation code. As it was working, the steinberg download assistant became unresponsive, so I had to close it. When I tried again, it said that my license had already been used, so could not be used again. Does this mean that it has worked? In my launchpad, I have Dorico 3.5, which I can open. However, at one point during all of this I was told that I had been offered a free trial. So, can I be sure that this Dorico 3.5 that comes up is the one that I have paid for, and is not a free trial?

One more thing, I haven’t successfully downloaded the sounds installer, down to a lack of space. Is it a case of deleting stuff off my computer until i have enough free space- will this require a lot of space?

sorry for all the questions, and thanks for your help.


So you can already open Dorico 3.5, that’s good.
In order to check your license, type the Windows key and then “elicenser control center” (without the quotes) and hit enter. The program starts and will show you your license(s).
In regards to the sound library, the download file is about 9GB but the installation also needs at least 10GB. So that is the minimum you need. Afterwards you can remove the downloaded file, so that frees up 9GB again, but for installation you need about 20GB.
If you have an external drive, you can place sound libraries also there. If wanted, please ask for more instructions.

Hi Ulf and co,

Thanks for your support. I tried opening Dorico without the elicenser USB dongle, and it didn’t work. I take it this is expected? It works fine when the dongle is in. Also, I take it this is a good thing really, as it confirms that the version of Dorico 3.5 I am using is definitely the one I have paid for, and not some 30 day trial?

Actually no, you still can’t be sure… That’s why I asked you about the eLicencer Control Center (aka eLC). Every dongle gets shipped with a trial license for I don’t know how many hours usage of any Steinberg product. So if you connect the dongle it could be that it runs of that trial license. Therefore please open the eLC, that will definitely show you all your available licenses.

Hi Ulf,

I have attached an image of what comes up when I go to the eLicencer Control Centre. Is this good news?



ah its not letting me post an image- but under ‘Licenses’ it says ‘Dorico 3.5 Educational- Steinberg SeL’

If you have bought the educational version, then yes, everything is fine.

perfect- thank you for your help Ulf! Will come back on here if I have any further issues- youve been most helpful.