Cannot Download Trial Version CUBASE PRO 11

Cannot Download Trial Version CUBASE PRO 11…Have Cubase Pro 10.5 (latestest update) Signed into my account, Pressed download Cubase PRO 11 trial icon… Get a message to check email (spam) nothing in email. .Tried about 5 times… Checked my account and proper email …Using Microsoft Inbox


I’m afraid the email has been blocked somewhere on the way. Please get in contact with Steinberg support and ask for the Activation Code.

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Hi there… Me Too. Imposible to receive trial Cubase Pro 11 version email…
What’s happens??

How does one contact support exactly? I’ve been trying to find an email address, but I can only get to a list of distributors, and this doesn’t seem like something to ask a distributor about :confused:

Also, could it be that I’ve requested a Cubase Pro trial before (I can’t remember), and that’s why I’m not getting the email? If that’s the case, an email notification saying that you can’t request a trial more than once would be most helpful…