Cannot Drag and Drop at all...with EZDrummer

I know people are talking about how it always opens a new midi track when then drag and drop from the ezdrummer interface. My problem is it doesn’t even allow drag and drop to drop into cubase 5.

I have Cubase 5 and audition a midi file by opening the grooves but when I try to drag and drop into the project, nothing happens. Is there a guide to just doing this?



AFAIK no VST version below 3 can utilize mouse or GUI methods of file handling at all in cubase.

Okay, I figured it out but have a sound timing problem. For anyone else who can’t seem to get this to work, close Cubase and then reopen by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘run as administrator’.

It was that DAMN simple. :-/

However, now when I click play, Cubase doesn’t play the sound until 2-3 notes into the track and it is very distracting. Any fix for this?

I guess another close and reopen did the trick. Everything is normal now.

I think audio files (not midi) are the problem (no drag & drop).