Cannot Drag Audio Events Between CPRs?

I imported a C4 CPR into C8 and saved as a new CPR. Appeared to go OK.

After a while I noticed that some audio events are MIA. So I opened the old CPR again and attempted to drag the missing audio into the new CPR. A dialog appears asking if I want to copy/convert (so -something- is happening) but the audio events never paste in.

The odd thing is that MIDI drags/pastes just fine.

Anyone else having this issue? Or am I missing something procedurally?

So when you open the original cpr and can see the files are you able to play them OK?

If yes then maybe bounce selection on them and retry the copy to the new cpr and if that won’t work use export audio mixdown and then drag them in from windows.

If no then maybe they are corrupted or are orphan references to audio that is missing??

After a bit more dinking… apparently, this behaviour is a ‘designed bug’.

I can freely drag ONE event. But more than one? It fails every time… I get the dialog to convert/save but nothing happens.

So I guess the ‘solution’ is to bounce, then drag/paste.

This should either be fixed so that it works as expected OR the whole drag/drop should not be allowed.


Working here, multiple audio events/files copy over to separate projects. Is there more to the recipe?

wish it could be drag all track/tracks (the track/tracks itself) and it would copy track settings with all files(events) to the other project…
but its not the subject i guess :neutral_face:

With more investigation, it appears to be clip-specific.

When I open the Pool on the source CPR, the troublesome files are there and play fine.

However, I cannot drag these from the source CPR Pool to the destination CPR. So clearly there is code in the Pool drag/drop which ‘sees’ there is a problem that is not in the drag/drop from the piano roll. (It would be nice if it told me WHAT the problem was, but why be greedy?)

Other clips? Work as advertised.

My -guess- is that there is some issue with import from older CPRs… and that drives me NUTS. In this case, several events were obviously missing, but no error was raised. (Which is why I started trying to drag/drop.) That right there is bad. In a CPR with 300 tracks, what about the missing events or other data I -didn’t- catch (and may not!)

But the truly maddening thing: This is #17814 of things that don’t get fixed because it’s not ‘repro’. When younger, I would send these off to SB support and never hear back… Message In A Bottle… Message In A Bottle… Message In A Bottle…

How is there no repro? You have a cpr from C4 from which you can’t drag certain clips to a cpr created in C8. That is almost the whole repro. What’s left is specifying the events/files in question, creating a recipe and zipping everything needed and uploading it to the Issues subform.

There are other ways to troubleshoot this too.

And on a related note, and speaking bluntly, you complain and snark loudly, but offer little of your decades of expertise in the way of tutorial or troubleshooting assistance to users who might benefit.

Looking through your posts I cannot find a single post from you helping someone else out in that regard. I admit to not inspecting all of your 1500 posts, but why not put some energy into sharing your years of experience with others here in areas that don’t make you angry (I assume you like Cubase since you keep using it)?

I’m certainly not trying to be ‘snarky’… which (if my understanding of American slang is correct) implies some sort of passive aggressive attitude. I’m completely out front: I have a permanent beef with the way SB treats customers in general (and bugs in particular) since about… oh… 2 buyouts ago.

If I had a dime for every bug I’ve reported in excruciating detail since 2001, I’d have a lot of dimes. So now, I have little confidence that going through all the schlepping pays. It’s like sending a message in a bottle. There’s almost never an acknowledgment–or even a sense that they appreciate the effort people make to help them do -their- job. Frankly? I’ve got issues I reported back in 2003 that I’m still waiting to hear back on. Further, fixes get slip-streamed in, but never documented. It all creates this sense that it’s a one-way street.

In this case? I figured a work-around so I’m done. I no longer expect any improvement to bug resolutions. That’s as pointless as ‘writing yer congressman’. The problem is that -my- memory goes back 15 years. The avg guy reading this thinks, ‘What’s he ranting about?’ But that’s not my fault. This Forum doesn’t represent reality. It represents what SB chooses to display.

WRT the actual issue, the dev actually -does- have enough info to do something with this: Compare the d/d drop-source for the Pool v. CPR Project Mgr windows. There’s a reason the former catches a problem with the source file and the latter doesn’t. Don’t need my CPR… just compare the sources.

In short, I continue to use Cubase, but SB has made it clear that this is a completely -transactional- relationship; they put out a product and I take it or leave it. That’s their model, OK. But that means I have little incentive to contribute beyond paying their upgrade fees. And I think most people feel that way. I don’t like that state of affairs, but I didn’t change; they did. If I sensed they actually -heard- users with my needs (as was the case back when Charlie/Lars/Christian/Dave were visible)? That would be great. I’m not holding my breath. They obviously think they do a bang-up job of CRM.