Cannot Edit Text Fields - Dorico for iPad


There are a few text fields that I am unable to edit in Dorico for iPad (version 5). I can’t click on any text once it is added to the score and have to use a popover and move backwards to make any changes. Some fields, like the title, are just stuck and I can’t do anything with them. Also, certain fields in “engrave” mode (such as the scale text field) won’t let me edit them. Certain drop-down menus in “setup” mode won’t let me edit them either, so I have to set everything up in write mode. Is there any solution to this? Maybe it’s because I don’t have a keyboard or mouse, but these fields worked for me before. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, @Bohdan_Kinal. I’m sorry that you are being affected by this bug: this is on our list of things in Dorico for iPad that require urgent fixing.

Awesome, thanks for the response!

I’m using Dorico for iPad version and I’m able to change the Project Title, using the method recommended in the documentation.

I found some very useful info here. Hope this helps!


Not sure if I am supposed to start a new thread… Having the same problem with iPad for Dorico, can’t input Project title to set dialog. *Something I found today is when setting up a new song… Sorry guys but there’s so many bugS that I can’t use the app right now. * ITS TOO MANY TO LIST. REALLY, I CAN’T USE THE APP. PERIOD.

We released a new Dorico for iPad 5.0.11 build this morning that fixes this problem and a number of other infelicities that arrived in Dorico for iPad 5.0. Please make sure you’re running the most recent update. If you’re still encountering problems after installing 5.0.11, please do be sure to let us know what they are.

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Thanks for the update! This seemed to fix almost all of the issues I was having. The only problems that I am still having are being able to select the title without a mouse and making text bold/italicized (the only option I see when selecting text is “regular:”). Not a big deal, but something that I noticed. Besides that, everything is working for me.


Looking good - tested properties menus, moving the minibar and other glitches which are now gone.

Yeah I’m not seeing bold/italic either, though you can use the shortcuts.

Otherwise when doing a Shift-X I think at first it gave me a visible edit field, but anyhow I’m getting a problem where the field for editing the text is active but invisible. Touching outside the space makes it visible with whatever you typed, I seem to remember this happened before. Oh ok, yeah it’s affecting all popups, they are active and editiable but not visible. I think this is new, maybe with this update today, I didn’t see it in the last version. On restarting the app it got fixed, so something to keep an eye on.

Otherwise the iPad has become a really capable app, all the iCloud issues appear to be squashed and the scrolling is much improved. These were the two issues preventing me using is seriously but I’ve been getting a lot done the last week so congrats and thanks!

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One problem, here’s what I did, but all the steps may not be necessary

  1. J jump bar
  2. Switch between ‘Commands’ and ‘Go to’ several times
  3. Switch to another app (Safari - searching for the Go to commands)
  4. Switch back - Jump is still up and editable, but the keyboard doesn’t work, the touch/pad does work however, but no text can be entered, jump entry is stuck and can’t be exited
  5. Came over here to report - going back it looks like you have some clever error detection, seen it a couple times where it spontaneously reloads the project, in this case it cleared the problem