Cannot erase double MIDI notes

My Numa keyboard was sending double notes for a while. The project is fairly large now and ‘delete doubles’ doesnt work. I tried to put every note on the same channel as suggested by someone and it still doesnt work. My mix sounds very phasey because every note is triggered twice.
What can i do?
NUENDO 10.3.0

I had the same problem a while ago. I had midi in and out connected, and the keyboard was triggering twice! When I really zoomed in I noticed that the two notes were just out of time. If you can, quantize the part and then ‘remove doubles’ should work. I, unfortunately, had to remove each note by hand because it was a live performance… Took me ages :unamused:

Maybe Logical Editor could be of some help? You just have to delete every second note in overall note sequence …

Great idea!