Cannot export audio in Dorico 4


I now have in Dorico 4 a 7 or 8 minute piece for orchestra using the BBCSO Core sounds which I composed in Dorico 3.5 Trial version
To my ear it sounds great in Dorico 4 with the BBCSO Core sounds.
But Dorico will not let me export the audio. I just get a message saying ‘error exporting audio’
I also get a longer error message whenever I open Dorico 4 Pro:

‘Unknown ApplicationAn unknown interapplication communication error occured. In case the problem persists, please close all applications and restart your computer’
This message reappears 3 times in all when I click on the greyed out field that used to say
'retry. After three ‘tries’ Dorico opensRebooting does not help.

I’m wondering whether to reinstall Dorico 4 after removing the elicencer.
Is anyone else having problems with exporting audio in Dorico 4 pro
Presumably this has something to do with my having uninstalled (with undue haste) Dorico 3.5 trial version before I installed Dorico 4…
I remember Dorico 3.5 Trial Version having problems connecting to my elicencer

It sounds like the audio engine may have crashed, due to a bad interaction with an old plugin/component. (If you search for that error message on this forum you will find a number of similar reports.) If so, the most likely cause is either the EUCON component or an old version of Groove Agent - I would try removing these first and seeing if that helps.

But you can still open Dorico, do I get this right? In that case please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here, please. Thanks

Thanks Ulf
Yes I can still open Dorico.
Here is the diagnostic report as a zip file:
Dorico (1.6 MB)

@ Richard Lanyon
I am wanting to be able to run an older version of Cubase (8.5)
If I remove these 2 components (Eucon and Groove agent) will that affect the running of Cubase 8.5?

Hi @Julian_C , the export error is, that you are using a path that is way too long. I think our maximum path is 256 characters, so please try to export to a different location so that the path length stays within this limit, then it will succeed.

Regarding Eucon and Groove Agent SE, well, Eucon you most likely will not need and can simply throw it away if you find it in your shared components folder. Groove Agent on the other hand, you might want to use in Cubase, but then it is best if you go to our website and download the most recent version of it. That one should not make trouble in Dorico 4.

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Thanks ulf! I shortened the name of the file I was exporting (which had grown to ridiculous length) and export audio worked a treat!!
Very grateful for your quick reply.

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