Cannot Figure Out Missing 3rd Party Presets


A number of my old tracks in Cubase 5 used Native Instruments plugins, e.g. Kore Player.

When I transferred to a new computer, some of these Kore Player plugin presets stayed and still work, and others do not. Cubase recognizes the track is using Kore Player, but the specific instrument preset it doesn’t pull up.

I suspect some of these Kore Player presets just didn’t transfer over, but their names must be stored somewhere in Cubase project files.

Is there a way to figure out the name of the Kore Player preset Cubase is looking for?

For example, an old Cubase project has a track called “Bass” that would use Kore Player with an instrument preset called “Acid Bass.” Now when I open this Cubase project, the “Bass” track in Cubase knows it should be using Kore Player, but can’t find the “Acid Bass” preset. In most of these cases, I don’t actually know the name of the preset (e.g. “Acid Bass”) that Cubase should be telling Kore Player to find. Is there a way to find the name of the preset Cubase should be looking for?

The preset name must be stored somewhere in the Cubase project file, because when Kore Player presets exist, Cubase does find them.

Note: I opened some of these Cubase project files in a text editor and can find “Kore Player” but the present names all appear to be “NULL.”

Are these presets custom or factory ones ? And have you converted the presets list to VST presets while using Cubase 5 ? I don’t remember where the latter was storing the custom presets, but Cubase 11 stores them in publishers named subfolders of Documents>VST3 Presets (Windows 10 - I don’t exactly know for OSX but I guess it’s an equivalent of it).

So, maybe there is something to check here, as the path for the custom presets (and eventually the factory ones) aren’t stored as they were ten years ago on a Cubase 5/Windows 7 or older system. A rescan with Mediabay might also help.

Thanks for your response. Sorry, some of my questions are because I’m new to this type of file/software management.

The presets were factory Kore Player presets.

What do you mean by converting presets list to VST presets?

This is what gets me: when you open a Cubase project file, even for Steinberg VSTs, it has to know that Track 1 is looking for VST A with Preset X. Cubase must store the connection between Track 1 > VST A > Preset X somewhere, even if it can’t find Preset X.

So, the case I have is that Cubase Project has Track 1 which knows it needs VST A, but can’t find Preset X. Instead of showing the name of Preset X (which it can’t find), it just shows Track 1 as having VST A with a blank preset. I just want to know how to find the name of Preset X, even if Cubase can’t find it (!). If I know that the Track needs VST A with Preset X, I can redownload VST A, and reassign Preset X for this track :slight_smile:

The Convert presets list to VST presets command is basically used to make the presets (even the factory ones) of a given VSTi developed with the VST 2.4 SDK available in both Mediabay and the Cubase presets browser of the instrument UI window. Additionaly, it stores the custom ones in the path that I mentioned above. I guess that it was the case for the Kore Player, as you can load it : if it was older, you would be out of luck, as recent Cubase versions are no longer compatible with them.

But I don’t exactly know how Cubase stores the pointers to presets in a .cpr file. A demand, though : could you make a screenshot of a track inspector for which a preset is missing, after having clicked on its Programs selector ? I would like to check something.

Hi Cubic, I’d be happy to.
What do you mean by the “Programs” selector versus a “track” inspector though? Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve used Cubase consistently, just getting back into it.


Actually, the Program selector is in the track inspector (which, if not the case, can be visible/usable by configuring the main Cubase window). Below, an example of what’s available in the Program selector drop down list of a VST 2.4 VSTi (Sylenth 1), after having convert a while ago the presets list of it to VST3 presets…