Cannot figure the routing of the UR44C

Following the instructions but it’s just not happening, supposed to see it on the inspector but it’s not there…pulling my hair out, any help would be musc apreciated…

What exactly is not happening?
We need more information, the OS, and the DAW used would be a good start.

Did you install the Tools for UR? And of course you did a reboot after that?

Yeah sorry mate…bit frought at the mo, Cubase 12 pro on windows 10,
following these instructions

From the Cubase series menu, select [Project]  [Add
track]  [Audio] to create an audio track and then click
the [UR44C] tab on the inspector on the left side.

but I never get the UR44C tab on the left, it’s not there,
done everything I’m supposed to do as per the instructions…just dunno why it’s not there…,
thanks for the reply., never did a re boot actually, will give that a try now.

Did you installed the Tools for UR-C?


Without it, nothing could happen. The Tools contain the needed driver, plugins and extensions.

Hi, I was using the UR44C with a USBC to USB 2 cable that comes with the unit, Today I received the USBC to USBC cable, when I use this cable with the UR44C my computer crashes…HUH!
I did download all the tools that you mention in your reply,
My computer is Windows 10 pro 64bit (Admin)
intel Core i9-9900K CPU @3.60GHz 32GB RAM Radeon RX580 series

thanks again for your reply