Cannot find 6.5 update download link

I cannot seem to find the 6.5 update link, it’s not in the downloads section.

6.5 is a paid update so it’s purchasable from the shop. The 6.06 free maintenance update is released next week.

I thought it was a joke someone was telling me when it said to be a paid update. But seems the maintenance is free which I guess is something.

Question now is, will development continue so that future maintenance updates will apply to version 6.06 as well as 6.5 ? Or for more updates before 7, 6.5 is needed ?

Cannot say I am too pleased about the paid update for a point release though, especially as 50% of what you get is useless to me.

Get over it. It’s a few lunches! :unamused:
Next update = C6.5.1 or something.

The complaint I have with a chargeable V6.5 update, is that when we paid and updated from V5 to V6, the improvement was negligible, and many things were actually worse, we all put up with it, on the basis that the interversion updates would be free and it would all come good.

But it hasn’t, as V6.5 doesn’t seem to have any bug fixes - it just looks like a marketing update to make Cubase look more appealing for new customers, could we perhaps have a score editor that works properly at some point ! ?

It’s about time Steinberg stopped adding VSTi synths and VST effects, and concentrate on getting the fundamental core of the recording/editing process right.

Get over it? Dude, its a . update. Not an update to 7. If this was 7, then I could see the charge. But the damn least these gooks coulda done was told us the next update was not going to be free.

Now they frikkin dangle this crap out in front of us like a goddamn carrot…

Well either Steinberg are in serious shit cash wise, or they just like to screw paying customers over. A point release, especially one as useless as this one doesn’t deserve to be purchased.

2 synths that look like they were made in Synthmaker.

Some effects that look to me like they are aimed at the live performer, which would suggest Steinberg want to cash in on Ableton Lives sucess, which is never going to happen. Cubase as a live performers tool ? Sorry, not a hope.

And finally stuff like quantize improvements that should be in the free update.

And doesnt look like existing bugs have been addressed at all, the hang on exit, the MIDI delay problem, and the sluggish GUI.

How do you know it’s not going to be?

How do you know it’s not going to be?[/quote]

Because if Steinberg had fixed any bugs, it would all over the “What’s new in this version” pdf. And there aren’t any.

Because if Steinberg had fixed any bugs, it would all over the “What’s new in this version” pdf. And there aren’t any.[/quote]

I should have said:
“How do you know it’s not going to be included in a future maintenance pack?”

There is one coming (next week I think).

Yes, 6.06 is supposed to come out next week, and the issues it solves are announced in the sticky. Also, the same is included in the 6.5 update, although it’s not been separately mentioned in the 6.5 documentation. And the ‘existing bugs’ LeVsi mentions (hang on exit, MIDI delay, sluggish GUI) aren’t in the bugbase, so officially not recognized by Steinberg. Obviously since they aren’t reproduceable on all systems.