Cannot find Cubase pro trial link for new customers?


Could someone please point me to a link for the 30 day trial of Cubase Pro?

If I download 10.5 Pro via Steinberg Download Assistant, will there be an option to activate a trial there?

I’ve been researching Cubase all week. Installed a LE 10 version I had lying around and was pretty impressed with the basics. I bought an e-licenser today with the hope I could test drive Pro over the weekend. However, 2 things have changed - 10.5 is now out and the Trial button seems to have vanished from the website.

When a new version is released, the trial is usually not available for a few weeks or a month.

thanks Jaslan, good to know. I’ve just gone ahead and purchased 10.5 Pro with the fairly hefty cross grade discount, so pretty happy with that!