Cannot find dll for 3rd party plugin

I don’t know if anyone is familiar with Structure vst from Air Music Technology but I recently downloaded it with a custom folder location for content and I think libraries to a drive other than C:
Now I cannot find the dll and Cubase scanned for it at startup and couldn’t find it. I’m pretty sure that I have to find the location of the dll and then have the plugin manager scan for it, but I’ve searched far and wide with no luck. Is there anyway windows 10 has a way to find it…other than searching the drives(,I did a full drive search in both drives).any help,? In Windows10 settings- installed apps- Structure is listed but I cannot repair or modify it. The button to Modify is grayed out.

It might be quicker to contact Air Music Technology and ask them why it’s not showing up.

I’m in touch with them,but it’s the weekend they’re closed. And thought maybe someone knew a way to find it.

You could uninstall it, and re-install it, noting the location you’re installing to.

I did that. My C: drive doesn’t have enough space for everything so I did a Custom Install . That type of installation only gave me the paths of the Content and Libraries(those I installed on another drive)and where the dll went I don’t know.

Is this a VST2 or a VST3 plugin?

VST3 plugins all go to the same location, there’s no choice, and will always be detectable by VST3 hosts such as Cubase.

VST2 plugins can go pretty much anywhere, although there are some standard locations. If the installer allows customization, i.e. you get to choose where to install, then the content should go where you choose but the plugin itself should be in one of the standard locations. If you’ve already searched your drives and can’t find it, then neither will Cubase, in which case it’s back to Air Music Technology to sort out your problem.

Cannot find the info on it. Beings I got it years ago I suppose it’s Vst2