Cannot find drum kit in HalionOne

I have imported two MIDI files of songs I have previously written into Cubase as Cubase projects. I am using the Cubase AI5 that was bundled with my Motif XF. For the first MIDI file (now imported as a Cubase project), I was able to play the drums as a standard, normal sounding GM kit. No problem; things worked fine as intended.

For the second MIDI file I imported, the drums would not play at all at first. The MIDI data was there, it is showing normal velocity, but I was getting no sound. I tried to assign a drum kit using HalionOne and it will only give me the option to choose a horrible shouding “SynthDrum” instead of the “GM Drumkit” that is available for the other drum track on the file I imported. I tried checking where the other drumkit is for the other song, and going through the folders the same way, but I ended up apparently adding one with the same name that appeared to be in the same place because no normal sounding drum kit appeared to be available. Then when I assign the drum track on my second song to the nominal “GM Drumkit”, it still plays the “SynthDrum” kit on my drum track. The drum map in the drum editor also appears to be all wrong compared to what is played.

I also had a minor problem with my first MIDI file. The “bassoon” track that I had on that file would only play a few notes above a certain pitch range, and no notes below that range. I know it is not a problem regarding the range of the instrument (I have seen that problem with Vienna Instruments before because they only have samples of the actual instrument in its range), because the notes that it does play are super-high and irrelevant to the range of the instrument. I managed to work around this problem by assigning my bassoon tracks to other tracks such as flute, trumpet or oboe, where they play normally. But I would like to figure out what is causing this problem also.