Cannot Find Halion sonic demo file

so i downloaded the trail and i cant find the folder it went in i cant believe this? i cant see where all the dll files and everything else went i downloaded it twice now and i cant find the files… any help please


You can’t find the installer you downloaded?
Download it to your desktop, then you know where it is without losing it.
Alternatively you could just search your computer for the installation file.

no bro i can find the installer but when the installation is finished i cant see where it went it doesnt tell me a path or anything i need to know where the halionsonic.dll file is? i looked under steinberg folders and everything and i cant see it at all! and i searched the file on my comp nothing comes up

The actual Halion Sonic dll file, at least on 64bit system is in:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\HALion Sonic

thanks alot bro i still dont see a steinberg in my program files folder

do you know steinbergs official email? i know its something weird with a (sr) in the middle but not sure i just want to run the demo to see if i can buy but this being so unstable making me second guess