Cannot find Padshop in recent upgrade to Cubase Artist 8

Recently upgraded to Cubase Artist 8. Padshop not listed in VST Synth instruments. All the others are there: HALion Sonic SE, Loop Mash, Mystic etc but no Padshop. I thought Padshop was included in Cubase Artist 8? Is it a separate install? If so, I can’t find the installer in the download package.

I have the same problem here! I can’t see Padshop and Retrology as well.
I’ve rescanned the whole disc through mediabay but still no results. They’re not there.
Also, i can’t see the presets in Halion SE!
I’ve installed Cubase 8 Pro on a " clean" computer.
Any help would be MUCH appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Also same problem. Have upgraded from Cubase 7.5 to 8 but Padshop has disappeared…I can still see Retrologue etc

Same here. Upgraded to Cubase 8, searched, no Padshop. Bought Granular Guitars before I noticed. Frustrating!

Did you guys try installing the separate installers for the latest versions of these instruments from the download page? Your license should cover these as well.

Do you know what is the link to these separate installers you are referring to? Much appreciated.