Cannot Find Playback Options on the Menu

Polyphonic voice balancing works remarkably well.

The manual says this:

I can open this with Ctrl+Shift+P but I am curious where this menu option is. I looked for about 15 minutes.

Where is this?

Note that the video says polyphonic voice balancing is turned on for new projects, but it was not.

It’s in the Library menu. For my experience, new projects has polyphonic instrument voice balancing enabled by default in the Dynamics sub-menu of Polyphonic instruments. YMMV.

Are you using the correct version of the manual?

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Indeed, you must be looking at a version of the manual that predates Dorico 4, when we introduced the Library menu and consolidated all the options dialogs there. The top of each page on does show the version number of the documentation you’re reading, so it’s a good idea to just check you’re looking at the docs for the right version before you proceed.