Cannot find soft-eLicenser code from previous computer

I am attempting to go through the reactivation process to reactivate Dorico 3.5 on a new computer. The old computer was unexpectedly lost and is not available to consult, but I have all of my files from it backed up.

I got as far as the following:

  • Copied Steinberg Download Assistant over from the backup
  • Reinstalled Dorico 3.5 and the various other components (e.g. eLicenser Control Centre)
  • Opened the products page Sign in and selected “view eLicenser-based products”

I cannot do anything else because there are no software products listed—as though I never bought or registered Dorico 3.5 in the first place, which of course I did, because I’ve been using it for years.

I assume that the only solution is to find the eLicenser code under which I was previously able to run the software and attempt to reactivate it by adding it to my account manually. Where (e.g., in Application Support, or a similar folder) in the backup of my old computer would I be able to find this code, or whatever other information that would allow me to add my copy of Dorico 3.5 to my account and then reactivate it on the new computer?

Following the process described here activates a new eLicenser number with the message “There are no products associated with this eLicenser”. Obviously, this does not allow me to use Dorico, since the eLicenser remains under the impression that I never purchased it in the first place. I am still looking for something in the Help Center that does allow me to use Dorico.

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. I’ve sent you a 30-day trial code for Dorico 3.5 by private message to help you get back up and running.

Obviously I know you have been using Dorico for some time, but I wonder whether you can lay your hands on some kind of proof of purchase? For example, an email receipt from our online shop or the dealer where you bought Dorico, or the invoice from your purchase? If you can send me some kind of proof of purchase via private message, I can easily enough issue you with a replacement activation code, even if the online system won’t spit one out for you.

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I really appreciate the effort here—and apologies, since I didn’t see this message in time. Complex situation here and haven’t been checking emails regularly as a result. The computer itself was (unexpectedly) physically recovered and returned to me just last night, and I was then able to restore its contents from a backup, including my working copy of Dorico. I was then able to sync the e-Licenser to my account, not that I needed a reactivation code by this point, so the system does now recognise that I officially own the software.

Since I ended up with two computers I think my overall solution at this point will be to upgrade to Dorico 4; I’m trialling it at the moment (though I guess I could also transfer the Dorico 3.5 licence to a USB eLicenser—but following this experience, I’d rather not be tied to something that can easily be lost or stolen). But I’m glad to know that this would have been an option if my computer had been permanently lost, as I initially believed; I do have an email receipt from my initial purchase, although apparently not from the subsequent upgrades.

So glad you got the computer back. It is always worth checking your eLicensers have been synchronised with My Steinberg if you make any changes, which helps in this type of scenario.

Things are easier with Steinberg Licensing, as the licence is always tied to your My Steinberg Account. Upgrading to Dorico 4 is well worth it in my opinion, especially as you are then free to activate up to three computers for your use. I am so looking forward to getting the rest of my Steinberg software onto Steinberg Licensing.