Cannot find Split Point in Dorico Elements 4 Preferences

I am trying to use my Midi controller to record me playing into both staffs. I can input into both staffs if I select both staffs first and then input step by step chords. However, I want to be able to “record” have have it split appropriately. The manual talks about a “Split Point” option on the Play page in Preferences but I do not see that option. Perhaps it has moved or can be done in some other way. My apologies if this is a dumb question, I’ve only just purchased Dorico Elements for the first time.

Sorry, @rickshapiro, it’s not a dumb question at all: the split point options are currently only found in the MIDI Import Options dialog (which appears when you import or open a MIDI file), and not in Preferences, but we will remedy that in due course.

Hi @dspreadbury . Is there any way at the moment to define a split point when recording a piano using a MIDI keyboard?

This explanation seems to offer what you are looking for.

Here’s a picture from the article partway down.

The option ended up on MIDI Import Options, which is quite bad, because it’s also related to MIDI recording.

By the way, the MIDI Import Options window is not resizable, only maximizable.
On “Split point for grand staff instruments:”, the buttons are glitchy, at least on Windows.

How notes are allocated to voices and staves during MIDI recording was overhauled, and is now automatically much more semantic (it detects different rhythms and creates/allocates notes to voices accordingly). Therefore, a fixed split point is not needed as it can be flexible according to the musical phrasing at any point.

At 8:05 on On Anthony’s Dorico youtube video: Starting Your First Project | Getting Started with Dorico SE it shows a “select split point on grand staff” option that seems to have been removed. Did it not work properly?

Welcome to the forum, @evancleave. This area was reworked in Dorico 4, with the introduction of smart MIDI import and dynamic hand assignment for polyphonic transcription, so that option is no longer present.