Cannot find the option, wanna add plugins fast via shortcuts

Hey there, bloody new to Cubase 11. Switched from Studio One for orchestral work.

() I wanna use my fabfilter plugins via keyboard shortcuts to add them into the inserts and sends via clicking at the region and pressing the button assigned to the plugin.
How can I set this up?

Thank you for any help.

Also on the side note:
I have looked up a lot of templates from others and I cannot miss the fact, that their colors look different. Especially black seems to be available as a color for tracks and they have darker color tones for other colors, I don’t have this. Is this because of a different color scheme?


The only way is to call a Track Preset. But unfortunately you cannot call dedicated Track Preset via Key Command. So you have to call the Load Track Preset dialog (by Key Command) then you have to navigate in the dialog and press Enter to load it. You cannot do this by using Macro in Cubase. You can use any 3rd part tools to navigate by mouse and shortcuts.

You can add custom color in the Project > Project Colors Setup.

I wanna bind a plugin to a keybind to enter it instead of looking in my plugins folder. There must be a way right? If I recall a track preset I cannot add a second plugin that way since a track preset would overwrite this no?

I don’t know a way to do this in cubase but I can in Eucontrol on my Ipad