Cannot fully minimize cubase 8 window

I just bought cubase artist 8 upgrade and installed it. I am getting really annoyed that I can’t completely minimize cubase 8. I have to alt+tab to get another application to come above cubase. It’s kind of working like a mac and that’s one of the reasons why I don’t have a mac. Is there a work-around for this?

So to explain in more detail:

My project window is fully maximized in cubase. If I click the minimize button, my cubase project minimizes but cubase does not. I have a cubase window with a grey background, but what I really want to see is my desktop. WTF? This is really annoying. Any workaround? Is this intentional or is this a bug?

I just noticed when I close my project, I can then minimize cubase completely, this must be a bug then.

For me this works as you described. You can double click the Cubase menu bar in the blank area to the right and it will clear the grey background and show your desktop. However the Cubase menu bar remains. Alt+Tab seems to be the only way for me to completely remove the Cubase menu bar.


Thanks for your reply. I was hoping that wasn’t the case but I had a feeling it was anyway.

I have also noticed that if I hover my mouse down the bottom of the screen my taskbar doesn’t come up.

A little disappointing for me, this screws with my workflow.

Something is really strange with the z-indexing. I had a crash and when I brought up task manager I couldn’t get cubase in the background, it always stayed above task manager. Not sure if it’s related but cubase 8 seems very buggy for me.


Maybe right click the Cubase menu bar in the blank area to the right, and then choose Minimize (on Windows 8.1)? I’m not sure Minimize is the correct translation, in Italian it’s “Riduci ad icona” and it works (even though on my system the Project cursor remains visible and active when Cubase is “minimized”! :open_mouth: ).


I found that if you double click on the main C8 menu to remove the grey background - the taskbar works again. Not optimal but should work - I am sure that Steinberg will address these and other issues in upcoming releases.


Cubase 9 has the same problem. :frowning:

Cubase doesn’t behave like all Windows desktop application - I can not minimize the Cubase window.

Very, very annoying.

Cubase has windows problems on Windows since since many, many years.

I’m afraid these problems will never be solved.