Cannot get Bass Clef to appear in new part

I have Trombone 1 (TC) in Tenor Clef. I added an empty part “Trombone 1 (BC)” and assigned trombone 1 to it. I did a clef/transposition override to Bass Clef and it is not working. There is no explicit clef anywhere as far as I can tell prohibiting the desired outcome.scratch.dorico (440.7 KB)

You did have an Explicit Clef. But, you have to be in Write mode to delete it.

Edit: To get the Tenor Clef part, use the Clef & Transposition override feature as well. If you want the score to show the Tenor Clef, then set the override there as well.

Reading into what you are saying a bit, I’m going to try picking a different instrument that is provided by Dorico in tenor clef and rename it to Trombone, and then the alt part I can easily change to bass clef.

Well, that ended poorly…could not find any instrument natively in Tenor Clef. Your advice did work, thank you. Was not aware I could use transposition/clef override for an instrument in the score.

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