Cannot get midi sound from KB

I am a newbie to Cubase and I was able to get it setup on my laptop and using the trial to see if I want to purchase.

The issue I am having is this: I have a older Korg SG X1 and it is NOT a MIDI controller, but I am thinking that I should be able to use it with Cubase right? I can see that my MIDI to USB adapter is setup correctly and data is being transmitted to Cubase because I see meters moving when I press a key and I can even see actions on the piano roll. I just hear no sound.

Is it possible that my Korg is not capable of being used with CB? Or are my MIDI conx not functioning properly. I am not in front of my KB now so I cannot show screenshots of my setup in CB. Please let me know what you need to see and I can attach them at a later time. I just mainly want to be sure the Korg can be used or if I definitely need a controller to use CB.

Thanks for any answers or help.

Hi and welcome,

Do you use MIDI or Instrument track? Where is the MIDI data of the track routed to?


I have chosen Midi and Instrument tracks with the same result for both. About the Midi data routing, I am not sure if that is set correctly or even how to do that in CB. Can you explain to me the correct setup path? I will need a step-by-step as this is my first time using CB.



Sorry, I don’t know the KORG device. Is it just a controller, or do you want to use its sounds? Or do you want to use internal Cubase sounds?

If you want to use internal Cubase sounds, add Instrument track. Then you will hear the sound coming from your Audio Device.

If you want to use the KORG sounds, set the MIDI Out back to your USB > MIDI adapter, which is connected back to KORG. Then you will hear the sound from KORG Output/Headphones.


I got it to go with your suggestion. I wanted to use the CB sounds. What a simple thing to overlook, but glad it is working now.

Thanks again.