Cannot get the Layout token to work in Print/Filename Options

I am trying to get the Layout Token in the Filename recipe line to show the names of the Score and the Violin parts so the files have the correct file name, but it always defaults to the violin part for both. The names are set correctly in Setup mode/Layout names.

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 09.28.03

I’ve just tested this here, and when I export graphics using the recipe $f - $l, I get the expected filenames. Are you concerned with only what is shown in the preview in the dialog, or are you actually getting the wrong filenames when you export?

I was looking at what I see in Preview, so that is not the same as the resulted exported files? I will have a try.

Update…: The exported files are correct, so I should not take the preview too literally it seems. Thanks, Daniel.