Cannot hear audio when Recording


I’m using VST Connect SE for the first time but I have a few issues. When I record the guitar player by remote I cannot hear the audio when I press record or play. The Routing seems to be ok and I have VST Connect as input on the track.

Also, we only hear the clean sound of the guitar even if I have Guitar Rig 6 on the Performer Track. I guess I have to activate the input monitoring but it doesn’t seem available (the button it’s just grey)

Input monitoring is supposed to be disabled because there would be a long delay. You cannot hear inserted fx while recording, only when playing back.
You hear the Performer at any time via the VST Connect Monitor plugin inserted in the Control Room after the main output. If you listen via headphones, make sure that it is (also) inserted after the Headphone output. All of this should have automatically been configured when you used the “Create VST Connect” funcion in the VST Cloud menu. Also try “Repair VSt Connect” if that doesn’t help. Furthermore, the Performer Monitor dial in the VST Connect plugin should be raised to some degree.
Without knowing your version, systems etc it’s hard to say what else could be a problem. We always recommend to start with an “Empty” project and apply “Create VST Connect”, which should be all you need. For further more in-depth reference, see VST Connect: In depth information and troubleshooting – Steinberg Support

Thank you for your reply!

I noticed that when the Rehearsal button is enabled I can hear and record the performer when recording/playback. When it’s not enabled, I cannot hear anything during the recording/playback. But in the manual it’s written that the Rehearsal button must not be activated when recording. So I don’t understand what’s going on.

I work with Cubase 11.0.30, VST Connect SE, MacOS 10.15.7

Pls try to raise the Remote Latency (delay) value (cogwheel), try 2.5 or 3, does that help? Also check the LEDs, none should show red except during transport transitions (stop).

No, it’s worse. Anyway, we can hear and record only with the Rehearsal button on and the performer hear anyway it about 3 beats later so the recorded file is out of sync. With Rehearsal button off we cannot hear during playback/recording nor actually record. During recording all the leds are green.

You hear the Performer at any (!) time via the VST Connect Monitor plugin placed after the main monitor (and/or headphones) by the “Create VST Connect” procedure. If that plugin is present (check in Control Room), and the VST Connect plugin dial “MONITOR” (Perf) is raised to some level, this has always worked as long as you don’t change anything from the recommended procedure empty project - apply “Create VST Connect”. Again, this is all detailed in, so pls make sure to have that all checked. In general, if you change something and it doesn’t work, it’s best to change it back to its prior state.