Cannot Hear Audio!

I recently purchased Cubase Elements 9 and I’m having a bit of a tough time getting to grips with it. Specifically, I’m really struggling to understand how to hear the audio of tracks I’ve recorded. I’m using an SM57 connected to a UA-25ex by Roland. I can definitely record audio, as I can see the waveform on the recorded track, but when I play it back, nothing comes through my headphones, which are connected to the headphone jack of my interface. My output settings look like this:

Any help would be much appreciated!

Did you turn off direct monitoring of the track inputs for playback? Should be a small button with a loudspeaker icon on the inspector. Grey is the color you want for replay, while orange (= enabled) is for listening to the signal coming in (= direct monitoring).

Hope this helps

The orange button has nothing to do with “direct monitoring”, it´s for “input monitoring”, which are two different things!

Yeah, my bad, replied to this after reading a thread about direct monitoring… got that mixed up.