cannot hear GROOVE AGENT styles.

i loaded the VST… i loaded a pattern started to play it, then clicked on STYLE (instead of MIDI) to bring up the styles pad. It worked once, then i clicked on another pattern and went back to styles… i hear nothing unless i click back on MIDI (next to the Style button).
The program did crash tho… maybe my system/cubase is unstable ? (mac)
Opening the program up… it happened again… i did STYLE and played with the style button…
couldn’t hear it…

kind of weird as well…
i was watching a video and the author was able to move a joystick all around the Style pad in different directions to get more complexity…
all i get are two handles… one for the X axis and one for the Y axis…

unless the video was from a more advanced Groove Agent ?


HI did you get this resolved as I have just had the same issue?

sorry… i haven’t seen your reply… I vaguely remember this issue… so i guess no one has answered… have you figured out why yet ?
maybe you can share with me if you have ?

GA is somewhat complex. There are two ‘PLAY’ buttons in GA.

Hm. Have you engaged the virtual keyboard in the instrument? Find that icon and then look next to it to see a FOLDER ICON. Click on this and you will see an extension of the instrument I am talking about. Look at the bottom of the new extension.I think this is where most ppl hang out to create quick song grooves/patterns in GA. Here you will find easier access to the styles you taking about? Beside the PLAY button you will find a complexity level option (1-16) and also a looper button located in the same area.

Also, adding to the complexity, you will see above this new PLAY button that there are two windows. The one with the STICKS icons on it is directly above the PLAY button. Click on one of these song styles and you will see the PLAY button disappear. OK, then go to the window directly above this one. Just click on the window. With me? Click on this, and then the PLAY button will appear again. This is weird to me but, eh, it’s how it is, it seems broken to me and not the kind of file loading I appreciate.

Anyway, hopefully this will help somewhat, at least get you moving forward. There are so many ways to navigate GA. For example, go to the top of the GUI and click on the dropdown ‘Load Preset’ line? Here is another way to load kits and beats.

Thanks so much for the info… Much Appreciated !!!
will try this out in a little while and get back to you !!.