Cannot hear groove agent

Hi all

New to cubase and the forum.

My question is I cannot hear groove agent. I am just using my laptop to start and have not plugged in anything, just wanted to load up cubase, open the drum panel and play some sounds.

Can someone let me know the process for this? Do I need to add a drum track first?



Add an Instrument Track, use Groove Agent SE as an Instrument. In the Groove Agent window, load any preset. Use Pads in the Groove Agent or your MIDI Device to send a MIDI data.

Hello Martin,

thanks for the reply. I have the same problem anyway and follow your instructions : I can see that GA reacts when i add sample to the pad or even click to sample. however no sounds are going out. Waht should i do ?




When you click to the of with a sound, can you see a track meters in Cubase?