Cannot hear Media Bay preview of Audio files

I am unable to hear the preview of audio files in Medai Bay. The volume sider is up full, I can see the wave file and the curser scrolling it but no sound, yet if I pull a file into Loop Mash for example it plays fine.

Check if the output is going to the control room

Also check which outputs have been designated as default.

This drives me nuts : the sound “disengages” itself with no apparent reason. one minutes you can preview sound… the other - NADA.

Frustrating, to say the least… :unamused:

Are you referring to the outputs in the Devices Set-up as the main stereo buss?

Currently not using the Control room

Well I initiated the Control room and now I can preview the files, Thanks. Seems a convoluted way to do it but whatever…I still am pissed I cannot save various Steinberg Plug and EQ and VST setting

If set up correctly you don´´t need to have the control room activated for previewing files

How did you initiate CR ?

The problem for me is that CR disengages itself with (seemingly) no action on my behalf…

And how would that be??? How do I 'Set it up correctly" as you put it? There are several things in C7 that don’t work the same way as previous versions, this being one, being unable to save certain presets is another…Not changes I made to my system but C7 made. I have been using Cubase since VST32

I initiated the Control Room the only way I know how, in the VST connections pane